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G B WhatsApp New Version APK


Today I have started sharing the setting with you, it is very good, I have also tried it in my mobile and many people are looking for it but they do not get it.


And even if it is found, then there is some issue in it, due to which many people are not able to do their work which they want to do. Then they get upset that what should we do now, how to do this work, so today I have started sharing the setting with you, it is going on with a lot of people and when you are taking advantage of it and of course with you too.


And a lot of people don’t have work setting work on the job and they get upset, many people watch videos on YouTube and see the solution, but even if they see a solution, they still have some issue.

And after many efforts, they still get that solution from them, so that’s why I will tell you that you will do it or you should find any solution on YouTube itself, you should get the solution for the same so that you can do your work and you will have more trouble.


And some people are such that in whose mobile the setting does not work and they get very upset, then they tell us that the setting is not working in our mobile, if you tell us what to do, then I will tell them that they should first


So you have to understand her once, after which she will also walk the corpse with you. And you will get what you want to do with that help


Now let me tell you what you can do with this setting and what will be the benefit of this setting, you have not understood my point correctly.


The work of setting is that many people do not have WhatsApp running in their mobile and then they get upset that what we should do now, there are two situations, whether you update your own settings or you or you. After which you will surely have that setting and you will not have any issue again.


By which you will be able to do the work that you want to do, if your issue is not resolved by doing both of these things, then you can also watch videos on YouTube, there are many videos on YouTube, you can try watching any of them in your mobile.


This setting works just like this, when you set it in your mobile, then you will know for yourself what you have to do next, then you just have to understand it, after which this setting will talk to you exactly, no problem will come.


You have to keep in your mind what I am talking to you now, because when a problem comes in the mobile of many people, they do not understand that issue themselves, then they ask us to tell you what to do now


I have seen many people like this that they do not understand the solution to their issue and tell us like this, after which we are not able to guide them properly and then they tell us that all your videos are not good.


And many more people are taking advantage with the help of this setting and those who do not know about this setting they are at a loss and those people are thinking that where will we get this setting, so that’s why I am guiding you to this setting. But when you understand the settings of the office, then you will also like this setting very much and you must have understood all my things.


You can also share this with your friends and you can also share it in your family members, if someone asks you, then you must tell this setting to him and send him this complete advice, right now I am telling you so that he can also share this. If they don’t get any video on youtube, then you will send the video to them who will watch the video themselves


I hope you have understood my whole point, if you still want to ask something, then you can tell me by commenting below. I will definitely reply by commenting after trying and I will definitely solve your issue which you are telling me, but I am telling you again this thing that what you tell me is absolutely correct, first understand And then you have to run it in your mobile


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