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How To Check WhatsApp Chat History And Detail |

Check WhatsApp Chat History And Detail


This setting is quite a pain, people search but they do not get it and then they ask us to tell us any such setting, so today I am going to share the setting with you, it is very good, I also tried it in my mobile


Well first of all let me tell you what is its work and what will it do in your mobile and why do people find it, its job is that whomever you talk to on WhatsApp and you want me to see his history


You just have some things that you will not understand, after which you will have this perfect saver and you will not have any issue anywhere. Why do people have this because people also want to do the same thing and they take advantage of this setting by applying on their mobile and then they are able to do their work which they want to do, so today I am telling you soldiers this


So first of all, you have to understand this setting very well, only then you will save it because there are many people that do not understand the setting of the setting, after which when they have any issue then they ask us and Then your issue will be solved what you want to do


If you open this setting, then you have to set it up well and then you will have to add the number of your friend whose you want to see and whose history you want to see, then you will have to go to the chat.


You just have to do this work, after which the setting will work with you and you will not face any issue anywhere. If there is any issue somewhere near you, then you can solve that issue by watching the video on youtube, even if you do not get any video, still you have to try because there are many people that do not try and then they get disappointed.


And I have also seen 5 people in such a way that when any issue comes in their mobile, they do not understand that issue themselves and forcefully tell us that you tell us what we should do, which means that I do not tell them properly. And later, if you do not face any issue, then you have to keep this point in your mind


You can also share this setting with your friends and you can also share this setting with your family members so that they can also bring some information and do their work, give them this complete advice if someone asks you.


And you also have to tell him on this point that whenever he has any issue in his mobile, then he should understand the issue so that when any issue comes to him, he can tell us properly about the issue which is on his mobile.


I hope you have understood all the things, just this point you have some things that you have to keep in mind again after that you have that setting will save it right and you will not make any sense anywhere and you can do that.


Talking about me, I have also run it in my mobile and when I used it for the first time, I also had some issue, but I solved it by watching the video on YouTube, then the video on YouTube will also have to be seen like this.


After which I have not had any issue till now and I have the setting working perfectly and when I shared this setting with my friends, when I told them the solution of this issue, then their mobile also solved this issue.


I have also told all the things to us, after which this setting is working with them too and they are also getting to see the results very well, so I have told you that you also do not understand all my things, after which you have absolutely nothing.


Friend was also having this issue and she also wanted to do this, she used to tell me the setting on such a way that if I can see the history of any of my friends whose I want to see, then I tell him this setting.


I hope you understand everything about me If you still want to ask something, then you can tell me by commenting below, I will try to reply to your comment. I’ll solve your problem you tell me so that you can do what you want to do


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