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Any video save in phone gallery |

Any video save in phone gallery


This setting is very amazing, I have also run it in my mobile and I have got to see its results so good that till now I am running it in my mobile and I have also shared it with my friends so that


There are just some things that you do not understand, I will tell you all the things now and I will tell you everything


There are so many people that they have a lot of what they set in their mobile, then they do not have the setting set, that means why they do not work with them, then they get upset that how do we do our work? Meaning why whatever issue comes in their mobile, when there is no setting going on about them, they themselves do not understand them means that they do not understand the setting, you know that whatever you do chatting in mobile


They will also have to face them in the eyes because there are many people who do their own thing and do not understand the matter and then when they do they have to face a lot of problems and they get upset even inside. This thing has been kept in a clean pocket, which I have told you just now that I have taken 1 out of 12, after which you will not have any issue and even if it comes, then you should watch the video on YouTube by watching the video on YouTube.


So that you never have any issue again and you can easily do whatever you want to do, watch the video on YouTube, you will also have to watch the video on YouTube that the person who is guiding the man should be an expert himself, that means it is enough.


If I talk about myself, I also tried it in my mobile and it has benefited me a lot and till now I am benefiting from it. And wherever I come across any issue, I solve this issue by watching a video on YouTube and I mean it becomes a solution, I just came to the first time issue, I did not have much fun and I have cleared it now.


We tell you what is the work of this setting, the work of this setting is that if you like any video and you want me to save it in the gallery, then it is not there and you again get upset that Then by copying the video you like and then pasting it from this app, then you will get it from the video here, this is a very easy way, I have also tried and the same thing happened to me when I too have a video


I hope you have understood my point and you must have also come to know that what is the work of setting and why more and more people find it in their mobile, they want to do this work on their own, so find it


If you come across any issue somewhere, then the first thing you have to do is that you first understand that issue, then you tell us because I have seen many people like this and now they also message that we do not understand the issue with us.


I hope you know what to do and how to do it You just have to follow all these things and if you still do not understand anything then you can tell me Now share the setting with your friends too so that they can also take some information and with the help of this setting, they can do this work which I have just told you on


If a friend of yours asks you, then you can do this work by making him a leader and if he has an issue, then you should also tell him the benefit that he has solved that issue by watching the video on YouTube.


Just have to do this work, after which your friend and you too will be satisfied with it and you will like this setting. This setting runs in mobile, you can run it in every mobile because many people also say that it does not work in our mobile, now what we do then this setting will run in every mobile


In this you will not even come across this issue which I have just told you on I hope you have understood all my points and if you still want to ask something, then you can tell me by commenting below, I will try to reply to your comment. If I solve that issue of yours then you are telling me but you have to guide me right After that I will definitely solve your issue


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