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Thief Photo Capture APK for Your Mobile Security – Intruder Selfie APK |

Thief Photo Capture APK for Your Mobile Security


Today I have started playing heading with you, it is very good and when I fed it in my mobile I liked it very much so I thought why not share it with you because I have shared this setting with my friends.


So that he can also give some information and when I set it in my mobile, I liked it very much and he also got a lot of members, he asked me from where did you get this I said I just got it and I thought why


I hope that when you try it in your mobile, you will not believe it will like it better and will spell it on mobile only.


very More people say that this setting does not work in my mobile, it is not in a hurry, so what should we do now, then I will comment on them before they understand that setting because there are many people who do not understand that the will Worried she goes what do we do now


So that’s why those who do not understand the matter, do what they want, only their truth is there and if you understand the matter, then you will have the right thing and you will not have any madness.


What is the function of setting and why do many people find it in their mobile, so now let me tell you this The work of this setting is that if your mobile is studying anywhere or is lying in the room and you are in this other room, then whatever your mobile will pick up, whenever you call your mobile, the phone will capture the picture of your mobile.


People want to do this work in the bill that if we keep the mobile anywhere, then we come to know that if someone has picked up our mobile, then it does the same thing in the setting and many people are taking advantage of it and I have also set the setting.


I hope those who were worried and those who were not getting this setting, they would have found it and their problem would also have gone away. All you have to do is that you just have to understand it, after which you will not have any problem and it will run properly.


I also raided it first time then I also got issue in first time then I watch video on youtube and solved my issue and till now I haven’t got any issue and when I shared with whom I did this setting


If someone dies at the first time with you too, then you can solve your issue by watching the video wrong.duty But you will also have to see a video on YouTube that the person who is telling you that he is guiding means that he himself is an expert in that work or not because how are the sides that he himself is not a leg in that work and you are wrong


And those who follow their words, when they work in their mobile and when their work is not that, then they get very upset that what should we do now, if you are also the first time, you also have fun. I will try to solve your issue which you are telling me


Some people are such that whatever the setting is set in the mobile, whatever opinion they bring to them, they do not understand the issue themselves, after which they are unable to tell us properly, after that we do not guide them properly, so that’s why you


You just have to keep these things in your mind, after which your work will be done. You also share the setting with your friends so that they can also take the information and give them this complete advice, if you do not give them this complete advice, then when they set this setting in their mobile, they will get upset when the issue comes.


So that if he also sets the setting in his mobile, then he can also think about the issue which is coming to him.


I hope you have understood all my points and if you still want to ask something then you comment me so that I will be able to answer you in the comment below And if you have any issue then you can comment me below, I will try to think about your issue.


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