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Online Offline Notification APK for WA


Many people ask about such a setting but they do not get it and many people do not know this setting. This is very good and tremendous selling and you can take advantage like


In today’s time, many people do not know anything about the setting and even if they knew, they would not have known much. So this setting is very good, if you try once in this copy, you will also like it very much, I have also tried it in my mobile, I have liked it very much and its result is also very good and


A lot of people say that you are not doing this work on our mobile or if you work on our mobile, it works very slowly, then I will advise them that it does not work on your mobile because you do some things. And some people also say that the setting that we have told us is that this setting is running very slow or is not working, then it means that you have left something for you to understand, that means you could not understand the matter. And you don’t have to face any problem anywhere


Whatever setting you set on your mobile, you will know it, it is necessary to understand it, Chetak, you will not understand till then it will not talk properly in your mobile.


I have also tried Ishq in my mobile, which I used for the first time, then I did not even bring it to me, then I saw the video on youtube and solved my issue and I have not had any fun till now and I did not know about that setting Oh, I have told them the halbi of the first time nausea comes


If you also have a choice, don’t bring it, then you also solve this issue by watching the video on YouTube and you will have to watch the video on YouTube such that the person who is guiding the man has also become an expert in that work.


So that that person can solve your problem and can explain everything to you, then your meaning will be solved. If you run it for the first time, then whatever issue you will come to you can share with me, I will try and solve your issue.


Now let me tell you what its work is, its work is that the person you want to know when he came online on the net, when he became offline So you will know, with the help of this setting, you will know when it went offline, when it came online.


Where do you ever improve but they can’t find this setting anywhere and they very much want to know how we work and get upset hope that people who were bleeding this setting understood by them


Hopefully his troubles are gone too and he has an idea of ​​how he can work like this


Many people are also such that if any issue comes in their mobile regarding any marriage, then first they do not understand anything and if they do not understand this, then they talk to us and they are not able to make us disappear properly.


Because I have seen a lot of people that they do not understand that issue themselves and tell us and then we are not able to cow them properly after which they tell us that you cannot solve our issue, that’s why you first


You also share this setting with your friends so that those who want to see when they come online on the net, when they are offline, then they can also see and tell them all these things which I am telling you right now It is not that you do not tell them all these things, just say what is the idea and set it in your mobile, we do not just have to tell him the whole thing so that when he should run his marriage setting in his mobile first time.


So that’s why I am telling you that the answer is if you share this man with someone, then you will have to tell him from the entire tehsil like I am telling you so that when he works in your mobile, then when the first time in his mobile.


If you also want to ask me something, then you can tell me by commenting below, I will try and answer the comment itself and I will solve your issue which you will tell.


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