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Latest New Online Offline Notification APK


Come on, I have started sharing the setting with you, it is very good and I have also tried it on my mobile.


I got this setting from somewhere and when I tried it in my mobile then I saw very good results of this and I thought why not share this setting with you too, I have also shared this setting with my friends and also shared with my family members.


I hope that when you set such a day, you will also like it Many people also say that this setting is not being set in our mobile, what should we do if it is not on our mobile soon?


See, if the setting does not work in your mobile, then it does not mean that we did not guide you properly, it means that you have left some word somewhere or have left some belief or something which is understandable.


You can set any setting in your mobile, it is important to understand that until you do not understand me, then it will not be set in your mobile and you will have to face many problems.


You don’t have to keep right what I just told you Because many people do not keep this thing in the city and they set whatever setting they want After this, some Masha definitely comes to them somewhere.


And then they message us that you have fixed us the cow correctly, so it is important that you first understand it and then set it so that there will be no further issue.


Some people are also such that when any issue comes in their mobile, they do not understand that issue properly, because of which when they ask us, we are not able to make them disappear properly, so when there is any issue in your mobile


After this you do not need to go ahead and face any problem. Now let me tell you what is its work and how will it work on your mobile Its job is that the person you want to see when it comes online when it is offline then you will know when that guy net pack came online and when it went offline


With the help of this you can do your work, I have also done this work of mine and I have also benefited from it and till now I am taking advantage of this and I have also told my friends about it


When I ran it on my mobile for the first time, the issue came in front of me, but then after watching the video on YouTube, I thought about that issue. if you have any issue at the first time, then you too can solve your issue by watching the video on YouTube.


If you also watch a video on YouTube, then you must have seen a video on YouTube that the person who is guiding you must be an expert in that work, that is, he himself is an expert in the solution of the issue he is telling you or not because Kaabil Rok is also present on the net that she is telling, but she herself is not an expert, she does not know anything about it herself and tells you, because of which people who follow her words


So when that work is not their own, then they themselves get upset that what should we do now, we have done exactly the same thing, so there are some such people on the net, then you have to take care of this also the video you have


If the person himself is an expert then it is a good thing and if he is not an expert then it is not a good thing. Then you have to solve that issue of yours by asking an expert fellow if you run it first time if you have any issue then you can ask me


I will also tell you the solution of that issue I hope you have understood all these things and if you want to ask anything then you can tell me and If you face any issue somewhere then you can ask me or it does not work in your mobile then you can also ask me I will try to solve your issue which you are telling me but you who give me issue


If you want to ask anything else, then you can tell me in the comment below, I will try that you can reply to the comment and solve your issue which you are telling.


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