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How To Send Long Videos On WhatsApp – Best APK |

How To Send Long Videos – Best APK


Come on, I am setting up a chat with you, tell me new but I am very tremendous and very amazing, I have also tried it in my mobile and I have also got very good results and you will also try it and


There are many people this setting but they do not get it and even if they do get it, they do not have that work, after which many people get upset that what should you do, how to apply this setting in your mobile and what is your work.


With its help and he is also satisfied with this and I am also satisfied I tell you what is the work of companion movie setting and what is it, why a lot of people find and try to set in their mobile


The setting of work is that you can send a long video to anyone on your chat now, that means, you can also set a video of more than 30 seconds, I was also having an issue, Then I set this issue and I am not having this issue now, so many People want us that if we can tell anyone to If we send a video above 30 seconds, then it is sent, then people always ask about it but they do not get the song.


So with the help of you A Sachin, you will be able to work and when you apply this, I hope you will also see the results of this much better. And this setting will work in your mobile also why there are many people who message me that this setting is not supporting voice in our mobile, so what should we do, if you tell us any way, then I will tell you


So you will know that if you set any running in your mobile, then it is important to understand it, until you understand it, it will not run properly in the sky, so you must first understand it, then you try it so that it will pass further.


You have to keep this point in your mind, after which the setting will work properly with you, further you just have to understand and it will save you absolutely right and there will be no issue.


I have also run it in my mobile when I run it first time then I also got problem in first time but I corrected that problem by watching video on youtube and also my friends whom I shared this to them too


If you also have the first time when you run it, then if you also have a problem, then you can solve that issue by watching the video on YouTube and you also have to watch the video on YouTube that the guy who is guiding you


So that if he is an expert and then you will get the work that you want to do, if not, then your work will not be done or not, many people follow his words and apply the same setting again after which he says


So that’s why you must have seen the video of making on any one, so that your issue will not come again and you will mean that thinking. You can ask me this too, if you run it in your mobile in the first time and you have the issue only at the first time, then you can also ask me, I will try and reply to you.


You can also share the setting with your friends and also share it in your family member so that he can also know a little information and can do this work which I have told you just now, if someone asks you, you will give it to him. And if your mobile is old then you can also update it, then you do not have to give all the advice to your friends, after which no one will die near them.


You will be able to like this setting by filling Modi’s setup, and you will be able to understand that setting will remain in your mobile.


Since when I have seen more people that if anyone brings any opinion regarding any setting in mobile in a long time, then they do not understand that issue themselves first and then tell us and because of which they are not able to tell us properly.


Coming to you I hope you have not understood all the things and if you are still asked something then you comment me so that I can solve the issue by replying to you in the comment which you tell me


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