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So today I will tell you about such a setting, after setting it, you will get many groups in one place in which you will get many types of categories.


I will tell you just follow my point because if you will work in your own way then maybe this setting which is the setting of the group you have not working properly


In today’s time, many people know a lot about this, but there are many people who do not know anything about it, so today I will explain all this to you very easily.


First of all, what you have to do, here I will give you the link of one, on which we clicked, there you will find all types of categories in the group, now it is your choice, which category do you want to suck


Like there you will find groups of movies, you will find newsgroups, you will find cartoon groups and in the same way you will find many groups, including music and drama groups.


I work from my mobile and the good thing is that if you join the group then you keep getting all kinds of updates because when we join the group, you get all kinds of posts so that you stay updated.


And all those people who listen to News Delhi, if they join the newsgroup, then you will continue to get all types of News Delhi without setting, after which it will be easy for you to see and understand everything.


No one will tell you such a setting on the net, if you ask someone, the first thing to do is to check whether he already knows anything about this because there are many more people in this way, in today’s time everything is done correctly.


I mean to say that there are some people who explain to you but they themselves do not know anything and then you work is not done properly, first of all you have to see that what he is telling you, he himself knows that


The first time I did the work, I also did not understand it, so I searched on the net, learned and understood well, then it became easy for me to work and I got a lot of experience how this work would be done.


Today I am sharing my same experience with you, hope you understand what I am explaining to you, if you just work in this way, then I told that it is not such a difficult task.


By clicking on the link given below, there will be the option of joining after clarifying the category 24, after which you have joined, after which you will have the admin, you have to request the admin to keep updating you.


And you must also know this thing that there are two types of groups, one is public and one is only for admin, you should join such group which is only for admin because all kinds of people who will post then you will be using mobile.


In this way it would be cool when the gallery of your mobile is opened, your mobile becomes slow and hangs, so you should not do that at all, join the group in which everyone is posting.


And if you also want to join such a group in which everyone is posting, then you have not come across any unnecessary videos or photos in the gallery to check your gallery, you have to delete them simultaneously.


By doing this it will be your benefit, your mobile will run properly, your mobile will not hang and your mobile will not be slow, the better your mobile works, the easier it will be for you to work.


That’s why you have to try to work in such a way that your mobile keeps running well, there should not be any issue in it and in the way I told you, just join as many groups as you need, don’t join too many groups.


I have explained you a lot, if you have to ask anything and do not understand, then you search the net like I did so that it will be easy for you to work and you will not face any issue.


And still, if you do not understand anything and you look on the net, still you do not understand anything, then you have to contact with me, tell me what issue you have, comment below here, I will see your issue And I’ll try to fix that issue for you


Just put one point and put me in jail, whenever you tell me your issue, then you should know properly where you are facing the issue because some people don’t know the issue properly If you tell us the right issue, then we will tell you the solution in the right way for you.

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