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So come on, I am going to share the setting with you, it is very awesome, it is amazing, a lot of people search for the setting but they do not find it.And they get very upset that what should we do now, where to see this setting


Too many people do not know about this setting, those who do not know she is at a loss and knows that she is getting a lot of benefit from it And she’s doing what she wants to do with the help of it When they face a problem somewhere, they know what to do next.


And those who do not know also need to know this setting So that they can also take advantage of the setting and do their work which they want to do.


a lot people complain to us, does all this not work in our mobile, everything that you have told is a discount, the setting does not work in our mobile If the setting does not work in your mobile, it does not mean that what we have told is wrong.


Rather we also tell you by doing that means we also do practicals. And our work is done in front of you, the setting that we set, it goes on even one of yours that you do not pay attention to that setting, you make some kind of mess somewhere or the other, after that you have to face some or the other.


Then those people get upset and that issue is resolved So that’s why I will comment to you that you should not do any such work of your own free will that you have to face the problem of giving a lot of problems going ahead, so go ahead, so do not do your own will, it is also necessary to consult And that guy can tell you who is expert in that work


So today the setting that I have brought for you is very good, I have also used it in my mobile and I have also only benefited and I have got to face the problem of this thing first time, I have seen videos on YouTube. If you also run it in your mobile for the first time, then if you have any issue then you can watch the video on youtube.


You have to see this thing whether the person who is telling you in the video is himself an expert in that work not. Even in half of the places, people are leaders who write about what they tell, they themselves do not know what to do next, so when you follow their words and do your work, then your issue is not resolved and you get upset.


So someone has to watch the video of this song on YouTube in such a way that even that guy himself is an expert and knowing his work, what he has to do next, let me know more about him.


You now let me tell you what is the work of setting in your mobile The work of setting is that when they type messages of many people, they get deleted by mistake from us, then they get upset that now if we do this again below you, then they will send their messages.


How to get back your logo and message, you can bring back your deleted message I have also tried you, this happened to me too and when any of my messages are deleted, then this is what I do, with the help of gender, I can bring out my deleted message



So it’s been a long time looking for the setting but if you can’t find it, then if you find it somewhere, then you will set the setting there in your mobile, then you will not enjoy it anywhere, yes when you open it for the first time issue can come near the but if you only understand, then no one will die near you.


If you still have a problem somewhere, then you can ask me, you can discuss with me, I will try to think about that issue for you. And you should be able to do your work that you want to do, just the way I will tell you, you have to follow method After this your issue will be solved and your problem will also go away and you will be able to do your work which you want to do.


i hope you understand everything If you don’t understand, then let me know by commenting below. i will comment you below You also share this land with your friends so that they can also get information. And he too needs its help and will be able to work

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