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How To WA Calls Record – APK


So right now we have asked the most asked questions, which will talk about you, I will tell you some such things which are very important for you to know.


No one will tell you about this in the right way anywhere and even if someone tells you, he will tell you in this way, will you not understand and then you will come to know that what he has told is not working on your mobile


I have seen a lot of people who tell me that someone has told us and in our mobile that it is not working in our phone, then someone tell us such a setting which is according to our phone and they also tell us to do the work.


I have told you many things about this in Voter ID, but still today I will tell you some such steps which you have to understand and I will tell some such points which if you follow, you will have no problem in doing this work in a good way.


I have seen many people in this way, who themselves do not have much knowledge and they explain to you people that how you have to work, first of all you have to keep one thing in your mind, which I have started telling you now.


If you do not understand anything in any setting, you want to ask something to someone and if you understand, someone tells you, guides you, then you have to understand 1 point in a good way, after which it is very important for you.


First of all, you have to understand that the work you are doing and the one who is guiding you, whether he knows enough about it that he has this setting working if the one who is telling you is also working.


If anyone understands and tells you that someone has any setting, then you must have asked him whether you have the option working for you, if he tells you, shows that yes it is working with me then understand


Now I tell you what you have to do for this work, I will give you an app here, whenever you want to talk to someone, you just have to activate it and do nothing, apart from this there is no such setting in it.


There are some apps that when you open then you do not understand what you have to do, but there is nothing like this when you open it for the first time, then you will understand very well how to work on it and


Because the work that has been done in this, the setting that has been set is set in such a way that you should give good news to the users.


Because those people who use the first time app often have a problem, it has been made in such a way that when a new person adopts it for the first time, he does not ask anything to anyone, he himself understands everything.


And the best thing is that you must know that you are very such who support on some mobiles and do not support on some mobiles but there is no such issue if you run it in any phone then it will support


And if you still have some issue somewhere in your work, then you have to first search on the net the issue which has come to you, you have not done anything yourself.


I always tell you this always and still am telling this thing because when you work on any setting of your own free will change any option according to your own then if there is any issue then it is not right


And this is also my testimonial, when I also used to work in the same way, I did not ask anything to anyone, I used to work on my mobile of my own free will, so often there used to be a lot of issues in my mobile.


So that’s why you also have to work in such a way that there is no issue in your mobile and your work should be done easily, if you want any issue, then you have to contact with me.


Tell me a little, then I will know where you are facing the issue, then I will try my best to help you in this and tell you in a good way what work you have to do.


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