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Read Girlfriend Messages on WhatsApp


So today I am going to tell you about the setting, I will not tell you in detail about it, but I will give courage as your work will be done easily, you will know how we have to work.


This setting is not only for boys, girls can also benefit a lot from the setting, the work that boys have done, girls can also do the same work with the help of this setting, which I will tell you now.


First of all what you have to do is to set up an app in your mobile, when you talk to someone, you will benefit from setting it on your mobile before talking.


Because if you start talking to someone, please set the setting, then you will not get any benefit at any time, so I am telling you this first so that you will know how this setting does


Suppose you have started talking to someone in the village and you have to set this setting in the middle, then what result you will get to see that message too much is going on to tell you


If you have to talk to someone and you set the setting in the middle, then where you will set the setting, at the time you set it in your mobile, then you will get the same result as the time you have set.


Meaning, as soon as you are talking to someone and you suddenly thought that I set it in my mobile, then when you enable it in your mobile, then when you talk again, only you will be able to see that message and not others.


These are the things that I am just giving you a hand, I told you earlier that I will not tell you in detail, you have to understand it yourself because here I cannot tell you in detail about this


Some things are like this in which there is a hint for you, you just have to understand it and focus it and do your work accordingly.


Like there are some points that you can say that if we tell you, then that is we are not allowed to tell, so we explain to you in such a way that when you start work, you yourself will understand what you are doing.


As I come here to you, I will give you how to do your work inside it, how to start, I tell you in 1 point so that it becomes easy for you to work and understand.


First of all, before setting the setting in your mobile, you have to see the specification, go to your mobile and set the setting of the message, enable and disable some of its options.


Vikram has to be real that when you have to set it, all the work will be done with the help of your mobile setting that we do not need again.


In 1 minute, when both the settings are running, you will never get the result that you need, if you understand this, then you can do the work by eating a lot, you do not need to ask anything to anyone.


If you ask me any point, then I will definitely help you in that because it is also my endeavor that the one who does not understand, must tell me so that I can help him in that so that it is easy for him to work.


Let me tell you a little what you have to do, if you do not understand something, which point you do not understand, where the issue is coming, you comment below here and tell me that I am here on this issue.


And if for any reason I am late to tell you the answer, then you must also search that point on the net so that you can also know from the net what is its solution.


Because some time it happens in such a way that I am busy somewhere, I am late in answering you, so you do not wait for me, you have to search yourself in a good way so that you can get help online.


And you have to comment so that whenever I come online, whenever I get your notification, I will know what you have written, what do you mean, I will reply to you and tell you


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