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Too much of you money, people have to ask a lot from each other, tell us how we can check someone where he is also So today I will tell you about this and I will tell you in a very disturbed pass, will I understand soon?


First of all, I will tell you so much that never ask anyone so much, try and search without losing because the more knowledge you gain yourself, the more you will understand quickly.


And I also work in the same way, it is also necessary to ask because I have a job, they search in tea and many people are working today in such a way that they search and do their work in a good way.


And I know that you search only then you have come here, if you had worked in your own way, you would not have come here today.


Well, now let’s talk about the point, which is very important, I will tell you about such an app here like you can do this work very easily because there are many such apps but they do not work properly.


I know a lot of people who start their work but their work is not done properly because they who set the setting they don’t set it properly


Just like the app that I have given to you here, whose linga will be found on worship, even if you do not understand it, then it will also not do more with you in the right way.


It is important to understand everything because if you work with understanding, then even the work that cannot be done gets done very easily because you understand how to do the work.


And if you will chat this app in your mobile and if you set its setting, if it still does not work then you have to understand the point which not many people understand.


If you had previously set a similar setting in your mobile which is not working now, then you do not remove it from your mobile, then you remove it first and then set a new setting so that you do not have any


In today’s time, a lot of boys work in such a way that they do not have knowledge and you must also know that there are many people who start their work without knowledge which is not right.


I always say right to those who have some understanding that they should first take help from someone, we asked someone whether not, then start setting up their work so that their work is done in a proper way.


I also fill it in the same way as now I have started doing some work and I do not understand, then I ask someone when I see the umbrella on the minute how it will work then I start my work


If you do the same, then it is your advantage because you will know that in which way you have learned the work and in what way you have to do the work now, such people are very successful.


The app that I will give you here, you have to set up the sample and go to its account and see its details well and read its instruction well how it works


After doing just this, you will understand yourself that what you have to do, you will not need to ask anyone and if you do not read its details and you do not read its description, then you will not get any benefit.


It will not be beneficial because you will not know how to work, just you will start your work and if you do not understand what you do not understand, then you will not be from Assam.


And even if you ask someone something, your work is still not done, then understand that the one who is guiding you, who is explaining you, does not have that much knowledge, so you have to understand that what he is explaining to you is telling right.


Because it depends on you, you have to guess yourself that the one who is explaining you, who guides you, from whom you are learning, how much knowledge does he have, what things he knows about


If you want to contact me, you want to ask me something, then you can definitely ask me what you have to do, which you do not understand, tell me by commenting below here


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