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  • How to Find WhatsApp Contact Location ?


So today I will tell you that in which way you can find out your friend on WhatsApp, where is he living and what is it doing.


Many people search the net about this and they still do not understand what they have to do, today I will tell the Buddha method, after today you do not need to ask anything to anyone.


First of all, you have to set up an app in your mobile, apart from which there is no other app that works in this way, its setting tells you how to work on it.


First of all, do you have to set it up in your mobile, install it, then when you want to open it, then the first option that will come there, you have to add the number which you have to check.


You must also know that when you check someone’s location, you must add his number so that you can know where he is and what he is doing now.


I have basic things that everyone knows, everyone knows what they have to do but they don’t care, if you pay a little attention then you will be able to do many such things


You will just chat with you, nor will the setting come in front of you, which I told where I want to add the number, then before you search there, before doing anything about its location, you have to see whether it is in his name.


Because it happens that you do not enter the answer number, neither does his name come there, you know that it is his number, so it is very important to know that you have to click on the search.


By the way, you will know it yourself when you will work on it, you do not need to ask anything to anyone, but I am still telling there are some friends who do not see this setting.


You have understood this point, what should we do now when you will come to know that there is a number in his name, then you are still looking at the search pick, first of all, you have to see which option will be there with his name.


Because the best advantage of this app is that when it is active, it correctly tells you where it is also because if it is not active then you will not know right


Like suppose I am going offline now let’s check me and see what is my location then you will not get the correct result I need to be active online


When I first did this, I had to present these issues, then when I did practical and I got experience, then I am sharing it with you.


You will understand this point yourself in such a way that you have to open 20, you have given its specification in such a way that instructions have been given inside it, which if you read it in the approachable way, then you will start to understand a lot about it.


And when you search the name on the net, then you will get the full details of the same, in which it will be told that how you have to work on it, after understanding it well, you will be able to work on it.



When you will also do first time practical on this, then you will have to present the meaning of the first aid box, so I am sharing this issue with you so that you do not have to bring anywhere and your work will be done.


All these staff do not understand the answer very well and you will come to know that all your work has been done properly, then you have to click on search again, after which you will get to know its location in a good way, if it is paper then


Many people do all the work with the help of this app because apart from this there is no other you who can give you the right results in the right way, which you can get by going to setting.


The real thing is not how much news you have, the real thing is that you enjoy it, you understood it in such a way that as soon as you open it, you know that you have to do their work.


And if you do not understand anything due to any reason and you do not do the work properly, then you must tell me by commenting below.


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