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Watch Live Match – WATCH NOW


So today I have started telling you how you can watch live matches, it is very easy to give, you do not need to do anything in any way, nor do you need to ask anything from anyone.


I have told you earlier also I will tell you now that here I will give you such an app calling, after which you will get this work very easily, you will be able to watch the match very easily.


It is asked a lot that how can we watch live matches, today I will explain to you the same method is very easy.


The most watched match cricket match is of Pakistan vs India, so you can also watch it live here


Many people will be searching in their mobile and hopefully you must have also searched and you have come here, here I will explain to you the same setting which will work for you.


You were present in your mobile, first you have to go to the settings of the video and by going there you have to turn on the option with Life A section, if the option is present in your mobile then


Because in today’s time Ashram mobiles have arrived, in whose video section the option of Watch TV is strong, if the option in your mobile is strong, then you can go to the WhatsApp apps in your mobile and watch the live match.


If you get the option in your mobile itself, then you do not need any of you, you can get the benefit of the option present inside your mobile without any application.


And if you get the option in your mobile itself but you do not understand the setting present inside it, then you have to follow what I will tell in your body, then your work will be done quickly.


First of all, you have to go to your mobile account, after going to the setting, then you have to see the model of your mobile, then you have to search it on the net, whose specification is


The option of live TV channel in the specification of your mobile, you have to understand its setting well, how it works. Remember this option does not work without net, if you do not have network connection then you must have net


Because there are many people who have the option of live TV in their mobile, on which they can watch live cricket matches, they can watch live matches but they do not have the net.


And this option is not available mobile, then search this option in your mobile, you have to go to the settings of your mobile, you have to go to the video 16 section, if you find some options there but they are disabled.


No one would have told you before this setting that the option which is strong in your mobile too, so that now you can watch life matches in your mobile because if you get this option in your mobile then what else do you need to work.


And those who do not have the option in their mobile, which I have told, you have to open the app, after opening you have to continue the first display, then you will have a lot more categories in front of you.


We have to go only to the category on which sports will be written because there will be an option of life, on which you have known, you can watch live matches there very easily.


For this you do not have to do anything, just your internet connection should be good and your net signal should be fine, then it gives you results in a very good result.


Hope you have understood every single point and you have to search about it in the app which you tell so that you do not have any problem in running it.


Well a lot of people just set it in their mobile but when you start running the plan you don’t understand anything then they ask us then when we ask them what to ask then they don’t know what is the excatly issue.


You must be aware of the issue that you are presenting in your mobile so that when you tell us, we can help you very easily.

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