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So today I will tell you which application you should have in mobile, so that you can enjoy live cricket match very easily, you do not need to ask anything to anyone, you just have to set this app in your mobile.


I have told you a lot about this before, but today I will tell you about you who will support your mobile in every way, no matter what mobile you have, it does not matter.


Because I have always told you that if you have mobile is slow or your mobile is old then it is good it will not support in your mobile but there is nothing like this in it.


If your mobile is old, your mobile is slow, does your mobile hang, then this application is best for your mobile, you just follow the steps and what I will tell now, then your work will be done easily.


What you have to do first is to set the application in your mobile, then when you open it, you have to go to its award and you have to see its detail in a good way.


Why am I telling you this why I said that you are yours, now go out and see the details because there is a silent version on it, when it will change then you should know which version you are using


Because when the date is done, then the setting changes inside it, many sleep inside it that Jesus comes to chat on you or to watch any live match in mobile.


Going to your board to see in its details, which is its version, you have to note it so that whenever you have any issue, if you do not know and update, then you have to bring it back to this version.


And no one told you this point, has this post been told because when I checked that all the update applications are there, then you do not get the option of live cricket match inside them.


Good G point, so you understand, now you have taken note of what you have to do, now you go to the settings of your mobile, go to the settings, I always told you there are some mobiles that have the option of watch live TV, you have to go to it


Because then you will do better than all the settings inside it and you do not need to ask anything again, this is the very best way to watch and enjoy the live cricket matches of the app and nation in your mobile.


I always share with you what I do first, when I shared these things with you, then I did practical first when I experienced, I am sharing my experience with you


Some people are also experts in doing this work, they do it very easily, but there are some people who do not understand as much as they are told.


But there is no such thing in this that news are those who will do this work for the first time, they will also understand quickly because inside it you will get to see the main options which are easy for you to use and all the work is of those options.


I told you everything that you were most important, now what you have to do is to use this, if you have a problem somewhere, then what do you have to do because there are some people whom I told you, understand only then understand


You must have seen the details of its board, you have to search it on the net and see that there is a proper way to use it so that those people who do not understand, they can understand easily And he can enjoy live cricket match in his mobile.


Best offer to watch live cricket match in mobile Apart from this, there is no such app which will provide you send in this way, just follow these steps as I have told you, then your work will be done very easily.


Do not understand any point, even after searching the net, you do not understand, then you must tell me so that I can know where you are, what is the issue, I will try to help you in that To contact with me it is necessary that you do not have to comment here and #gullji is writing so that I know that you have commented and I will respond to you.

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