How To Update WhatsApp – Update Now |

How To Update WhatsApp – Update Now


Well, here we will talk about a very important topic because it is very important to talk about it, even today many people do not follow this point even after knowing about it. Still he doesn’t follow the instruction


There are a lot of people available to those who have WhatsApp, they do not differentiate properly on WhatsApp and they message that what should we do now, I have told them many times, you have nothing to do, only you have to update your WhatsApp.


If you have such a WhatsApp from India, inside which if you are talking to someone, he is not doing it correctly, then you have to update it by clicking on the update button so that your WhatsApp is updated and you don’t mind


The most Muslim thing is that today there are many such people in betting, who ask such a small thing that tell us how to update, if they did not know anything about this, then here I will tell you some steps, you follow them.


The first thing is that I will give you a link to the one app below here, on which you are clicking, you have to set it in your mobile, which will mean very soon for you too and you will have someone else somewhere.


And those people who do not know how to work by going above the Google Play Store, then they have to understand their mobile in a good way that where is the Play Store in it.


Because when you understand my OK and you will get this Play Store app, then you have to go to it, search for WhatsApp and there will be an option of update, click on it, then automatic updating will start after which


Because this one is such a step which is the first step, next I will tell you one more then which you follow, then you can be very easy, this point is already known to a lot of people, now the point which I will tell there is a lot more.


There is a setting option inside your mobile in which all the apps are lying, there you get the WhatsApp option, you have to go there and you have to click on the update button.


Where now I have told you three options, so that you can update very easily, the first option here I will give you the link, you have to click on it, this is the first option, hope you understand the first point, the first step.


Second, you have to go to the Google Play Store, there you have to follow the method I have explained so that you will have and solve it quickly and you will not face any issue again.


And the third point that I have told you is that you have to go to your setting, after going to the setting, which is to select the setting of your mobile in the setting of the mobile, then there you have found the option of the apps there.


Because in the option of having apps present in the setting of your menu of mobile, where you get all the applications, you have to go to your WhatsApp and update it.


The new step in which some people are confused, what should we do, if any issue comes to you, you just have to follow these 3 options, then you mean it will be solved very easily, that any issue somewhere


And those people who do not have the knowledge of green points, then it is important for them to first search on the net, whichever method you want to do, in which way it will work so that you do not have any issue.


I don’t always have issue because I followed what I told you staff first and I never got any issue, if you follow where I will soloing, you set it on your mobile


And tell this the first step, there are very few people in today’s time who know because they work in a normal way, they do not have that much knowledge if you did not know already, now I have told you


I have told you every single thing, still I do not understand anything, then I must tell you to contact me or you can also tell me by commenting here, I will see your comment


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