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Connect Your WiFi Without Password – Connector APK


So now has come the mouth setting, which a lot of people were waiting for, today I have started telling you some such settings about this which will give you a lot of benefit inside it.


If you are looking for this setting in your mobile and your setting is not found, then now you do not need to find this setting because after the method I will tell you, you will do your work very easily.


What you have to do is first to see in your mobile whether this setting which I have written above is present in your mobile then you can do this work from your mobile


If the setting in your mobile is not false, then you have not set any app in your mobile, it is just a setting which you have to understand, then you can work very easily in your mobile itself.


I have said this for those people who have this setting in their mobile and who do not have such an option in their mobile, then they have to set a small app in their mobile.


First let me tell you about you so that you will be able to work easily, here I will give you an app below, you have to set it up, understand it and are working on it as it is, I will tell you


Because those who have no such setting in their mobile, then they will set this app, then that setting will come in their mobile, then that option will come very easily then they can connect their wifi, whatever will be very easy to do


Where there is one more thing which is very important is that whether your mobile supports this setting, you have to read both the setting now out and your mobile account properly.


If there is any similar in your mobile inside the strong about you are also writing the details so that you feel that yes brother, now you will support on your mobile, then after reading it first of all you have to set it in your mobile.


The way you will see the details of what was present in your mobile, in the same way you have to see the details of now out of the application so that you do not face any problem in working.


This setting will workshop in your mobile when you will set any setting that was present in your mobile according to this setting. Because this setting is such an option that only supports with your mobile, if your mobile is not supporting then you can not connect to any wifi easily


Now let me tell you how you have to connect to any network quickly on one click within 1 minute. What you have to do first is to go to the settings of your mobile, go to WiFi and there are some options which are on, you have to disconnect them.


Tell the admin who is only after making the enemy, there will be an option of flat, you have to click on it, then some networks will come in front of you, you have to see them.


Within the networks that will come in front of you, first of all you have to understand very well whether this network is still active because I have explained this point many times to you, it is important.


Point I have told you every time because the options come in front of you which network you want to select but they are very less active.


After coming here, when you click on the active network, then you have to first click on such password and then you will know in which way you have to flirt again because it is very important to do this. I’ll tell you the reason


The reason is that when your password will come in front of you, you will note it and update it again to 26, so if anything happens to connect with you, then you can connect it by putting a very good password, which is very easy.


If the setting is strong in your mobile, then you do not come here, while in the settings of your mobile, you just have to go inside the app and click on connect and do nothing, then automatically whatever network you want to be net with you.


That’s why I have told you that if you have this option on the network in your mobile, then you will get the result every time you want, your network will also auto start within 1 minute.


Network auto select happens when there is a relaxation in the setting in your mobile, if the setting will not be strong in your mobile then you will have to apply the same method which I have also explained to you because it is second and last you have methods other than this


The setting was present in my mobile, so I have done it from the settings of my mobile, I did not check the second method, I saw in my other mobile, I was attacking it, so I have told you here.


First of all what you have to do is not to go to the second method, you have to follow the first method which I have told you, you have to do the work according to it because it is simple easy


When you know how you have done your work then it will be easier for you to work next time because those who work first time have little jesus and little understanding in working


And you must also know that if you do any work first time, then there are some settings inside it which are a bit difficult to understand for the first time but next time second time you understand each and every point very well.


Whatever I have explained to you now, if you do not understand anything or what you want to ask, then you must tell me, you must comment me so that I can know where you are facing the issue. I will try that you take that opinion, I will help you and tell you what you have to do next and how to solve your issue.


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