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Connect Any WIFI Without Password – Connect Now


Today I will tell you a way by which you can connect your wifi very easily within 1 minute, now he does not need to ask anything to anyone, he has started telling you the setting, it just works on one clicker.


You will not find this setting anywhere and to set this setting, it is most important that you have to first connect the net in your mobile for 1 minute in any way and set a setting, after which


This setting, which I have told in the past, everyone understands that if we want to connect our net then what do we need, but where I have started telling you the setting, you have some such who do not understand well then you


You have to flirt your net so that when you will connect your net then you have to first open the browser in your mobile and come to google and what I will tell you below is to chat and understand after which then you close your net


There is a way that no one would have told you before today and this method has been seen by me and one is that I have got the results and the results which have happened, they are connected to a lot of networks.


To join any network, first of all you have to go above the setting, which I have just told you below, you have to follow that setting and after that all the signals will come in front of you.


Some friends ask that how do we know whether it is active or not because I liked you one thing earlier that when you have any signal coming then it is not necessary that it is active


This is a sign of active signal that you will see a green dot near it, as you will know that it is active and it has 310 green dots from it, then you will know that it is absolutely active, you have not clicked on the single one.


Because when it is active, there is any network on which a single dot appears, it means that it is active but it is not active properly, so you should not click on any such network.


And even if you click on such a network, then you will not get any benefit because it will not work, it will be collected but it will not be of any use.


What you have to do first is to go to the menu of your mobile, go to the settings of the mobile and from the mobile has its own WiFi, it has to go to the setting and go there, the option that you must have disabled, I will explain it to you.


What you have to do is, after going to your mobile, after coming to the setting of WiFi, you have to open the logics of it, after which you will start getting the details that how many signals are working in your WiFi.


And in the option that I am telling you, it does not happen in every mobile, there are some mobiles in which the option is there, if you do not get the option in your mobile, then you will have to set up an app from this kind of play store, after which you will get the option.


Then what you have to do first is to go there and disable the online network and if there are other networks, they also have to be disabled, do not allow any network to be connected face to face, you have to clear it completely.


Because when you will connect it first time like I told you but when you disconnect it then you have to set these options in exactly the same way as I have told now then you have other option network will connect and work


If you do not find any such setting which I have told you that you will get it on play store then you must tell me that by doing so that I will also tell you that you will get it very easily and you will get yours very easily.


And if you don’t have any such setting strong in your mobile then you don’t mind any episode because the mobiles which have this setting strong then they have to set this setting and what I told you from play store is because some


What I have told you that you will download the app, then you have to disable its option, I am telling you only to disable it so that your work is done, you will be proud, there will be no issue


And whatever you network coconut, on which there will be 3 green dots, then the password which will be in front of you, then you have to note it with you and again if you do not get it, then you can easily put your wife up by putting the password.


And here which is a very important point is the reason that some people have always connected their data package, you do not plate the data, you have to keep it off because if you keep it connected then it is of no use, you do not have any network work.


And if you have a mobile in your house, first of all you have to check this work on it, then you are checking on your mobile because if you will do any mistake on your mobile and you will not have work then nothing will be done to you.


Just once you understand, it will be easier for you to work for the second time, no matter what the setting is, it will not be difficult to set you, you will be able to do any work according to you very easily as I have told the method if you follow it.


I have told you the way, if you have any issue anywhere inside it, if you do not understand anything, then you have to search the net and if you still do not understand, then contact me and tell me if you do not understand. You must tell me by commenting below


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