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How to Check Anyone Call History on WhatsApp


So today I have started telling you such a sending, with the help of which you can very easily see the call history of anyone, today there are many people who know about the setting, but there are some people whom I am today.


I just know that in today’s time, whoever knows about this setting will not even know that much, which I have started explaining to you today will benefit you a lot and you are working on this setting very well.


You will benefit the most from this setting when you will be able to know whether your mobile supports such a setting or not because it will be of great benefit to you, if you do not know this, then you will not understand anything.


What you have to do first is to go to the setting of your mobile then go to the award of mobile and see if your mobile is supporting how to work because understanding it and this is the first thing to go


And you have to go to the settings of your mobile and also see how your mobile supports the applications, it is also very important for you to know that many people do this work only after setting the setting.


You should know about the specification of your mobile and what is the specification of the setting you will set, you have to see both in a good way then start your work.


And remember you have to do this work on your own in your mobile, do not let anyone do this work in your mobile because if anyone does wrong, then you will not do this work in the right way.


What you have to do first is to set this setting, where I will give you an app, which you have to install on your mobile handset first, after which you have to open it, then this setting will come in front of you.


Every time I tell you the thing that will benefit you, so I will definitely tell you here what to do if your mobile is old and hangs, then how have you worked on it


What you have to do first of all, after setting the app which I will give in your mobile, you will open the chat, you have to click on the first option that will come in front of you, but out of all the options that will come in front of you, you will have options.


All the other options will be there in your mobile and it will have options in the settings, you do not have to climb them, we have to let them remain exactly as they are before.


What you should know is that when you start any work then you must first discuss about it because if I tell you any setting and you still do not understand and you can start any work of your own free will.


In India, first of all, you have to search this app on the net and you have to see about it in a good way, what is the way of working, then exactly according to that work has to be done face to face.


I am telling you this so that you do not have to take you anywhere and it will be easy for you to work and you can easily see who you talked to by doing call history and when.


The setting that I have told you about today also includes such an option from which you will get to see so many options that you will tell me about it that is a really good app.


What’s more, the latter is that there is an option and there are so many options in that one option that you will never need to go to any other option.


If you do not understand any point, then its detail is also written with every option, which you will see, then you will easily understand how any option works and what you have to do, you have to see the details in a good way.


And you have to go to the setting of the application and go to its award, you will also know that according to your mobile, this app will work and how you have to work on it.


If there is a strong app in your mobile, if there is anyone else whom you are already doing this work, then you should not chat it in your mobile because if you have set this also in your mobile, then at a time you can do it in your mobile in the right way.


Maybe the first app that you are running will continue to run but this big app will not work with you and the other one, so you should not set any other app like this in your mobile, if you set it then


In many videos, people do not guide about this in the right way and you do that work which you should not do, so that’s why you have to understand what I have told you in a good way and then start your work then you have to


And the option which I have told you, which has a lot of options inside, you do not have to disturb them, you have to let them set by default, so that the option I have does not make any difference and you can do any work easily.


If you will get call history, then you will not clear the other options that will come in front of you because the call history you will have will be cleared, you also have to keep in mind that you have to allow it to be edited so that you know what you have


The media must have understood everything, if you do not understand anything, then you have to talk to me and tell me, I will see your comment in your comment.

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