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How to hide contact on WhatsApp |

How to hide contact on WhatsApp


So today we will talk here because it is asked a lot that how can we hide our contacts. If a man comes a lot, how is he strong, who does not know anything about this, so we should understand in a good way about how the work is done.


Because I know a lot of people who do not know anything about this and they ask others, tell me how we can hide our contact


See, it is not a difficult task, you just have to pay a little attention, you have to understand a little, after which you can also hide your contact in a very good way.


I try to explain to many people in a good way, but still there are many people who do not understand the matter in a good way.


Today I will try to explain to you in such a way that you can understand it well and you will know how we have to do this work.


First of all, you have to do this work that I will tell you about such an app which when you set it in your mobile, then you have to understand its setting very well.


Because when you understand any setting well and work on it, then you understand each and every point very well.


I try to tell you only about the setting that you need, then in the app that I will give you here today, you will get the same point which will be of great use to you.


Well, now let’s talk about what you have to do, first of all you have to set that app in your mobile which you will find here, then when you open it for the first time, then you have to understand its setting in such a way that you


Because there are some people who have the setting in front of them, still they do not see that setting, first of all, you have to set it in your mobile, then you will see the option in front of you which you need.


What you have to do is with the help of that option, whatever contacts are present in your mobile, which you want to hide, you can hide very easily and you can also do any lock with them.


I have tried to explain a lot to many people and today there are many courts who understand well and are doing my work very easily.


No work is difficult if you understand it well because when you understand the work well then you understand every single point in it and it becomes easy to do assam.


If you keep asking other people and you do not understand anything yourself, then you will find it difficult to do your work and then you will not understand the point left which is very easy.


Today there are many such people who know me, whom I had told well how to hide any contact and they have understood well and they now do the work in their mobile in a good way, which they do.


I am sure that when you will also do your work with a good understanding and understand what I am explaining to you, then it will be so much easier for you to do that work and whatever you want to do.


First of all what you have to do when you have to heighten your contact, then you have to keep in it that you do not forget the setting you have set.


Because there are some people who message us that the contact with us has become height but we do not understand the way to unhide.


But just like we added the contact, your contact will also be unhide in the same way. The method of both is the same, you just have to understand that the way you do the first thing, you have to do the second work in exactly the same way.


Just remember that any phone that you do not understand, you have to read its description so that you understand those points and you do not have any issue.


And all those people who explain you wrongly, you should not come in their words because some people do not tell you right and you work according to them, due to which your work is not right.


I have said before that if you want to add a contact, then it is not difficult, you can add the contact very easily, just the point is that if you want to understand that app, then you will set it in your mobile.


I have always seen girls who are so fast, they know how to work, like many people are experts today, you can also become an expert like them.


The real thing is that if you give your time to any work, then that work is done very well because the hard work you have given, the time you have given will benefit you.


And you also know that whatever work you give time to and the work on which you pay attention and attention, then that work is done very well like if you set this app in your mobile and understand it.


The best thing is that when you understand its setting well, you will understand all its options, then you will get to see so many options in it, which will benefit you more and you will enjoy running it.


And even more good thing is that when you understand it, then you can explain it to others also you can tell others who want to know about it, you can guide people in a good way about it.


And remember this also, in the end I will tell you only if you do not really understand any point and you try on the net even then you do not understand, then you can ask me by way of me.

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