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Offline Chat for WhatsApp | How to Set Offline Chat? | New Android App |

Good one, I have started sharing this chatting with you in such a way that one of my friend asked me, then I told him, so I thought I should share this chatting with you too so that even if you don’t know, So you should also know about this setting


Like my friend asked me that you tell me such a setting that if I message someone and talk to someone, then he can get to know that I am talking to him on the message right now or I am online  So tell me any such setting


Then what did I do which is the first and most important thing that we do without application, I told him to show your mobile and I tried to see the setting on his mobile that we can get some attendees like we do without our own work


Which I have seen the setting on his mobile which I got the setting on his mobile but that setting was not working properly on his mobile maybe that option was not supporting on that mobile


And if we also see that if no such setting is present in your mobile then what will you have to do because it is also asked a lot that if there is no such chatting in our mobile then what should we do?


What you have to do First of all, as I told him that you have to check on your mobile that the setting is present on your mobile, okay how to see the setting, there are some mobiles which are the latest new models, they have a lot of options in their settings.


Like if you have a new mobile and you think that you will get to see a good setting in it, then what to do if you do not get the setting, you have to search the model of your mobile on Google And then all the specifications of your mobile will come in front of you.


After which you will know that if the work you are doing in your mobile is present, then where is it present and you will not see that setting in the specification, then it means that there is no such setting option in your mobile.


Well now it is over, then I have seen the setting on his mobile when you can be told, the setting did not work, then what did I do, set an application on his mobile which made his work very easy


And the same application that I had set on his mobile, I will share it with you today, when you set it on your mobile, then you will do this work very well, then you will do it and you will get good results too.


And the more good thing is that I had set this setting on his mobile, so I did not tell him anything, So I told him that you open this application yourself in your mobile.


When he opened the application on his mobile, after closing the application on his mobile, he asked me what should you do, then I told him to check me that you yourself see what work you have to do and


So he opened the strong application Meetup in his mobile and by going to his settings he saw what I have to do and he started understanding then he understood immediately and he did his work very easily and all the settings of that application


So then I guessed that he has done this work without telling me, so it means that everyone can do this work very easily and the one who does not know how to do any work can also do this work very easily.


When he understood all the settings by opening the application in his mobile but it started working, then I told him one more thing which is the most important point.


I told him that your application has run on your mobile, but it will not cause any issue to your mobile, then he asked what kind of issue, then I told him the moon things, then it is very important for you to go


I told him that when you start any work on your mobile and even if your work goes on then you have to see whether there will be any issue on your mobile’s memory and RAM, will your mobile hang or not?


And you also have to keep this thing in your mind that the kind of work you are doing, any such application which you had already set in your mobile and now there is no use there. So have you removed it from your mobile or not, you also have to keep this thing in mind.


Because if you do not keep any such application in your mobile, then you are of no use if you keep any such application in your mobile which you do not need, then it will go to your mobile’s memory.


Anything else will load on your mobile and after loading on your mobile, your mobile will also hang and you will have such an issue inside your mobile, which you will not understand again.


Therefore, whenever you work with anyone on mobile or regarding the setting of any application regarding the setting of mobile, then you have to understand it very well first.


Because I have seen some people, they work so much on their mobile without understanding, they set such applications which they do not need again and there is so much load on the mobile that then their mobile does not support the new applications coming


This moon is very important things you have to keep in mind, after which you will be very easy to do your work and you will be in a very good way.


I had understood all these things to him and told him, so today I have shared it with you, hope that you too must have understood to a great extent.


Otherwise, if there is no such setting in your mobile, then the application that I shared with him, which he himself has set, then I will share the same application with you here, hope you will get a lot of benefit when you set it on your mobile.


The best thing is that I noted that I saw this application by visiting Google Play Store, its rating is also good, its review is also very good and a lot of people are satisfied with it, it is satisfied with its setting.

Offline Chat App




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