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How to Set Auto Reply on WhatsApp | New Apk Android |

You could go, was sitting with some friends and the things that happened with them, then I thought, share those things with you today, tell you too so that if you also benefit then it is a very good thing.


Well, we all sit together and tell us friends, so we were getting messages from one number, so we were busy, so we could not reply to him, so we had a friend there whose messages were coming on his mobile.


So he asked us if there is such a setting that whenever I get a message from someone and I am famous at that time, then he who tells the phone to the phone on WhatsApp that now I am compelled, I talk later, so we have set that setting.


See, it is not difficult to set this setting, in today’s time, many people know the setting, but the real point and the real point is that there are two ways, if you know both these ways, then it is a good thing.


Because there would be a lot of people, whatever method they set up today to do this work, it is often a way by which people often do this work.


And as I told you that there are always 2 ways to do this work and those two methods are very important for you to know so that you never need to ask anything in the coming time.


Like when all of our friends were sitting, messages were coming in a friend’s mobile, so when we had to set this setting on his mobile, then we saw these two ways first and then we worked on them and today you are also getting more information from us.


First setting, the first way is that if you want to set any such setting that your message comes, then the phone itself should get reply that you are now famous, if you get a reply to whatever you want, then to set it


First of all, you have to see any such setting in your mobile so that you can work very easily without any application. Because when you do any work without any application, your mobile also supports it and it is your setting from your mobile and it is easy to work on it and it is also easy to understand.


So what did we do, first of all we saw such settings on his mobile, then we did not find any such setting in his mobile.


So you know there are some mobiles in which there are often not many settings, then we have to download the application in the mobile and set its settings.


As if you do not have any application from you and you want that the Bhajan application would work and you want to forget the setting in your mobile, then you have to do this by going to the settings of your mobile and you have to see if there is any such application in your mobile.


If they do not see any such setting, then we have to go to the setting about the mobile number and after searching it on the net, you have to give which features are strong in your mobile.


After doing this much work, you will easily get an idea that in what way the work you want to do will be done and if it is then there is an option in your mobile for that or not.


Because there are such options with some things, there are some such features which I do not have in your mobile, then how do you have to set the application setting, which is easy to understand and easy to work on, then it is also asked a lot.


Because I have told you that the one who is our friend did not have chatting in his mobile, then we set up such an application in his mobile, he has done this work in his mobile very easily and now whatever message he gets.


Hides a lot that even if you understand the setting or if you are working for the first time and you do not understand it, it is very easy to work on it and understand the option.


After creating an account on this application, you will get more features on the right in front of the Settings option. Within which you will be able to set such a setting very easily, after which your friends or whoever messages you, your WhatsApp will automatically reply to them.


When we set this setting in his mobile, in our friend’s mobile then today when he talked to us, he was telling us that this is a very good setting, I checked it for a day or two and got very good result.


Just what you have to do, when you have to understand this work, then you have to write whatever you want to set in auto reply, so that when you are doing some work, you send a message, it is yours.


That is, you are understanding how you are doing, if you understand it well, then you will enjoy yourself how well you are working on setting me and you have to work some more numbers for this.


The best thing is because there is no need for too many applications, this one will do such a good job for you, please you don’t even need to ask anyone, this will do your job well in every respect.


Hope you have understood everything, now it will be easy for you to work, rest you have to download it from here, Lanka will be found below here


And you have to understand it in a good way and you are working on it exactly as you want to do no setting change. When you open and change the setting of your own free will, it may be that what you are trying to work will not be understood back, then you will not be in front of it properly.


So when you set its setting, then you have to consider the options present in the mobile as features so that you do not face any difficulty in working. If you do not understand anything, you want to ask something or you want to tell something, then you have to comment here.



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  1. Can iPhone users send message reactions to Android users, and vice versa?

    Even though these two systems offer very similar features, they can’t work across platforms. This means that new features like Message Reacting, Typing Bubbles, and Read Receipts will not work when an Android is texting an iPhone, or vice versa. This does not mean that iPhones and Androids can’t text, however.

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  2. What is the difference between an APK file and a signed APK file when installing apps on Android phones?

    Application signing ensures that one application cannot access any other application except through well-defined IPC. When an application (APK file) is installed onto an Android device, the Package Manager verifies that the APK has been properly signed with the certificate included in that APK.

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