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Blank Message for WhatsApp | New Android Apk |

You can go, on today’s time, we ask each other for many years to tell us some such method which is a completely new way for us.


It means that we ask about the setting of WhatsApp, tell us any such chatting which is already present on WhatsApp and we can do something new inside it, also tell us any such feature.


Like you message on WhatsApp and you also change the account of that message and you also add Modi and the sticker about that message quite always.


Exactly in the same way, many people ask us to tell us a setting that is not at all inside the WhatsApp message, and when we message someone about it, our friend, our family members, ask us how you have worked in the message.


Johnny, if you message someone and in that message, with the help of such a chatting that I will tell you, you will send such a message to someone, after which when your family member or your friend sees that message, he will definitely ask you that you have done this.


Some settings are such that you can easily understand yourself and set them in your mobile, but why are there such things that if you do not ask someone, then you will understand them, then they will not understand you how to fix.


Like talking, if you want to include messaging someone on WhatsApp and add a new setting to it, then you have to do the work inside it, you have to first search on the net, first understand it and then start working.


Like there is an application laughing in which there is such an option with the help of which if you message then you will get to see the same new display.


Like if you had assumed that you set this application in your mobile and if you want to message someone, then you did it with the help of it and you have set a method on it which is a very tremendous setting.


Like if your heart is wishing that you message anyone on WhatsApp, then if you want to harass him, then the G application is a great application for you, you can take a lot of advantage from it and spend your good time with him.


That is, you can say that if you want to call and enjoy and none of you have any work to do right now, then that is GK best app by which you can pass your pet very easily.


Yes, made one from me, who asked me to tell me such setting PK that if I message someone in my mobile with the help of this, then Lakshmi liked my message and he could not even understand my message.


Then I asked him that you are talking about the setting of your oath, then he has told me that if we have to send an empty message to someone, then what can be the way because told you that this is also a big amazing setting.  About which you can spend a very good time with WhatsApp message


The best thing here is that he asked me whether such chatting exists in mobile even without an application, so let me give you the answer, which is very important for you to know.


If there is such a setting in your mobile whose name is Social Turbo, then you get to see many options in it, with the help of which new features also come in front of you, in which such options are strong which are very useful for you.


If your mobile is airtel latest new mobile and there is one option which is social turbo inside it, then you will also have such features and options inside it so that you can set the settings inside your mobile very well.


Then I told him the whole way, explained all the things, then he also asked me this question that if such settings are present inside the mobile and you told the magazine how to see, then those people from whom the option is not available, they can do this in their mobile.


You will see that there is no such option in your mobile, then you have to take a look at the messaging in the settings of the mobile to see what service your mobile is providing you, is it giving you features.


If there is no such future in your mobile, then you will need Lajmi application, with the help of which you have to do this work again.


What you have to do is the application in your mobile where I will tell you what I also told you, from there you have to download and set up the application in your mobile.


The good thing is that the one whom I told the application, when he also ran it in his mobile, no such application was going on his mobile, he could not understand any setting, but when he set this application in his mobile.


So he understood it very well and he also found it very easy to operate it and he set its setting in such a way that he did not ask anything from anyone and did all the work himself.


You can turn off the vagina, you can guess that a person who did not understand anything, when he did this work very easily on his mobile, then he understood it, then it is very easy for you to understand it too.


And the good thing is that when we asked him about the settings, how is it chatting, he told that good settings and what I wanted to work is exactly the message setting, so when you try it again, hope you like it


Just to do your work from here, when you will chat with the application in your phone, then you have to understand its setting, how it works, you have to understand the setting of your phone and see whether your mobile supports it or not.


And here I will tell you only one thing, it is your job to see every setting but this application supports on every mobile and every mobile also supports this application, so I have checked myself that’s why I am sharing the matter with you.


Hope you have understood all the things that how it is working, if you do not understand anything, if you want to ask something or want to tell something or you have some such chatting in it which does not understand any option feature inside  So you have to ask us to tell us by commenting below here.

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