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Today, many people try to make sure that whatever application is present in their mobile, it should be secure.


Because you also know that if you are the only one left in the house, then if any child takes your mobile in the house, then any application can be opened so that the application present in your mobile, whatever documents you have in it, are not secure.


This is the job of most of the people that keep every application secure in their mobile so that if anyone takes their mobile, then they have to bring any kind of vote present in their mobile. Security • Smart lock • Home automation


Apart from children, if any of your friends or at present ask for your mobile from you at home, then only you try to make sure that the application in your mobile is secure.


Because it is very much half the money that when someone takes your mobile from you, then you do not know what to do on his mobile, then you try not to spoil the work that you have set in your mobile.


If you will carry your mobile in a good way and you will learn and keep everything present in your mobile, then I will be happy with your work and why will you keep taking your work inside your mobile.


If anyone takes your mobile from you and he tries to open the gallery in his mobile and give it, so I want to see your photo, I want to see it on your video, then you want that no one can see your photo or video Security • Smart lock • Home automation


Because there are some people who have kept some photos in the gallery of their mobile, when the videos are kept, they try to keep all the photos and videos secure.


Because it often happens that your friend takes your mobile, then you try not to go to the gallery of your mobile and see the photo here because it is your personal privacy.


So that’s why it is important to have such a setting in your mobile, so that you can set the security on the gallery or any important application in your mobile.


Some people do not go to their mobile, they understand the setting and secure all the important applications or gallery things in their mobile in a good way.


And some people do not get any setting in their mobile because they do not know where the setting of the application is present in the mobile to secure any application in their mobile. Security • Smart lock • Home automation


Some people search the net and see on the net whether there is any such setting in our mobile or not, then they come to know.


And the way of checking them is such that they see the model and end of their mobile by going to the mobile’s setting and going to the award.


Then after seeing the model of his mobile, he sees on the net what are the specifications of our mobile, what is its setting, can we set the security of our mobile application with this


And in the same way, many people understand that if there is a setting in their mobile, then they understand the setting and set the setting in their mobile in a good way, after which the mobile that goes to them remains secure.


And those who do not get any setting in their mobile, then they do not understand what we have to do now, then they find the application so that their work can be done.


And when they search for the application, they go to Google and see so many applications on the play store that they get confused, then they do not understand which is the better application.


But you are looking for better education there and you need a good application that will do your job well and work well, which is easy to understand and set in mobile.


So today I will tell you about such an application for your work here, so that if you set the setting present in your mobile, then after that the security in your mobile will be well set on your personal things.


Just remember that if you are understanding the setting in your mobile for the first time or understanding the setting of any application for the first time, then you have understood it in such a way that when you start any work, then you will have some issue somewhere in it.


And if you want any issue in that work now then only you know that now you have to fix this goat and you have to understand that issue well so that you don’t have to bring any other such thing inside that issue as well.


If you come across issues during your work and you do not understand, then you do not have to watch these videos on the net and understand what is your solution to that issue and still if you do not understand then you have to do one thing.


You have been posting about your work from some hopeful person who knows very well about your work and can explain it to you in a good way so that there is no issue in working for you


The guy who knows a lot, if he tells you then it will be easy for you to do your work and if you have a problem somewhere, then the same guy will explain to you again and get that mean solution for you.


If you do not understand the work that you are doing and change the setting of your own free will, then how you will be earning chakli will also not be done in the right way, that work will get spoiled.


So remember that when you start your work, you should not make any changes in it, you have to search on the net and understand it well and you have to ask the person who knows a lot about it.


Where I will give you an application that will do this work for you very well and by understanding it very well, you will be able to secure all the applications in your mobile and the gallery in a good way.


Then you will not be afraid that if someone saves you from your mobile and takes your friend, then whatever he will do then you will not be afraid because you will know that the men in your mobile are more of all the members.


To do any work, it is necessary that when you set it in your mobile, then by looking at your mobile too, there was no load on your mobile because it is very important to understand


If you see me that the work you have done is not a problem with your mobile, then it means that you have worked well.


Because some people work in this way, after which their mobile is loaded, their mobile hangs and their mobile does not work properly.


And his mobile does not support the setting which he has set in his mobile Aishwarya, while doing any work in your mobile, it is important to understand the setting of your mobile so that how your mobile will support your work and your work is according to your mobile.


Hope you have understood everything, now you will not be able to do your work. And if you did not understand anything, do you want to ask something, then you are not where to tell us by commenting below.

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