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How to Hide Blue Microphone | New Cool Android Application |

In today’s time, there are many people who try to tell them about such chatting, if anyone sees them on their mobile, they leave them and ask how this chatting is set up.


And it is also said that it is asked whether there is any hope time such setting, which we set in our mobile, then we also like that we have set some best setting in our mobile.


So the answer is yes, there is absolutely such a good setting, by setting which you can do very good work in your mobile and you mobile will try your best to do that work in a very good way, for which you have set that setting on your mobile.


We just have to keep in mind that you have understood what you are doing because if you do not understand any work and it is being done right then many issues can come in it later.


Therefore, you have to keep this thing in mind that when you start any work, then you have to understand the description of Mohenjo, whatever the setting is inside it, the features that are present inside it, have to understand their description very well.


So that later you do not have to see any such issue which you have to worry about resolving and you do not mean that situation again and you do not understand what you have to do, you have to stay away from all these issues.


Like here I will tell you about such a setting, after which the work you want to do, which you have come here, will be done in a good way and it is also very easy to understand and operate it.


The best thing is that you have no number working on it, there is no such thing which will not be understood, you will understand very well and the option that you need is right in front of you.


Today, let’s set up chatting in your mobile, the biggest thing you have to do is to see whether other people are doing their work according to the setting, if you think that many people are already doing this work with the help of this setting.


The meaning of using people is that you can get an idea of ​​its rating and get an idea of ​​how many users go to it, after which you get a page satisfaction in doing your work that what you are doing


The right work was bad too, when you start doing it and you do not understand it and you start in the evening, then the work that is supposed to happen does not happen again and you get in trouble, you feel that maybe


Give the application of this material where Nisha will get it is very tremendous, it will never cause any issue to your mobile nor does it ever have a lot of hero like disappointment because they know that there is no issue inside it and their


If you will do your work with the help of any other application apart from this, if any issue comes in it and if you think that your mobile is hanging then you end the phone and remove it so that your mobile is asking in your mobile.


Apart from this, if your mobile hangs, then you should not keep it in your mobile because you have to keep the mobile in a good way, you have to run it well and try that you do not see the issue anywhere in your mobile so that


There are some mobiles in which I also have such setting that you can do many of your work without application with the help of setting of your mobile but it means a lot when you do not get that option in the phone.


You have to understand your mobile, you have to understand the setting of your mobile, if you have such a setting in your mobile, do not understand their option well, what if you want to work according to your mobile, you can also do that easily.


If you do not get the money setting in your mobile and you want to speak, then you have to first understand how to understand it as an umbrella and still you do not get the setting in your mobile, then you have to do this work because this is the last condition you have.


You have to go to the settings of your mobile, then go to your mobile keyboard, then you have to see your model there, then you have to write on Google, then you do not have to see the specification, so you will get an idea whether you are a strong friend in the number.


If you get to see yourself, now in this way the option is visible in the specification, then in a very good way, you can do your work in your mobile without applying to the society.


If there is no such chatting in your mobile and you want to set the message set in your mobile, then you will need the application, you have to understand the way on the application, it has to understand the setting so that you do not have any problem in running it.


Where you will find the application below, you have to set it in your phone and when you set its setting for the first time, then what you have to do is to see it well in a video that if you are doing any work, then in that


By doing this in this way, you will trouble your work and before working, you will learn the setting of your work, then you will be easier to do your work


America must have understood all the things, now whatever you do, you will be able to understand it very well in doing your work, to a great extent, you will not have any interest in doing your work.


Still, if you face any issue anywhere, then you must tell us, comment us or you have to watch that issue in any video so that you will know that where you are facing the issue, how to solve it.

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