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I was working on Facebook, so I saw that a lot of people were asking each other about a setting which many people still do not know, so today I will tell you about setting here.


Facebook is such a big platform, there are so many options inside it, there are so many settings that all those people who run this Facebook application for the first time do not understand, then they ask.


So today you have come here, I will try my best, wherever you want the thing that you are working, you have the same thing here that will do your work and you should not bring it anywhere.

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I have told this many times and let me tell you, when you start any work and you do not understand it, it means that you have not understood the work you have started earlier.


Therefore, whenever you start any work for the first time, you must first understand its setting well and learn how this work will be done.


There are many people who do well even that work which cannot be done because they understand that work in such a good way that they also do the work which is not supposed to happen.


And there are absolutely such people who do not understand before doing their work, then whatever work can be done, that work is not done again because they do not understand their work.


Just like there is any platform by talking, you have to start any parade work on it and you do not understand and you want to understand, then you should search on the net and see that what you are working on.


If you will start your work in this way, first you will look on the net and it will have a good way that the issues that will come in the work you are doing, then how to fix them, then you will be easy to do your work.


Like I tell you, here you have come, I will tell you about the application that you want to work, that application will do that work for you in a good way.


You have to do it, from here today you will start setting up the office application in your phone and why you have to do that work, then before doing your work, you have to understand the setting present in it so that you also know that the settings are there.


Many people ask me any setting, if I tell them, then they do their work well because their best thing is that they ask what they do not understand.


Like if you start any work and you do not understand, then there are a couple of things before you start your work, according to which if you start your work then you will do the work in a good way.


Like if you have started your work and you do not understand then you have to find that person who has already done this work because he will know a lot and when he tells you then you will be very easy to do your work


The best thing is that when you ask someone your work and when he tells you and then if your work is not then now you can fix your issue by asking him again


And the biggest thing is if you ask someone for some work and he tells you and you do not understand but then you should not change any setting on your own because it will make your work worse.


You have started work at home and you do not understand any option and you want to ask, then you must tell the person who taught you work so that he can help you in that work.


And if no one is going to tell you, you cannot ask anyone, you do not want to ask anyone, then you have to look at your issue That the issue is happening because of your application or according to the mobile, the position cannot be yours.


Because if any work is not being done on your mobile, then you have to understand your mobile too because there are some things on which your mobile does not work and your work is not according to your mobile, only then you would have brought some opinion in it.

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That is, when you understand your mobile and you will know what works can be done on your mobile, then you will do exactly the same work that your mobile will be able to do in a good way because your work gets done quickly which is your mobile.


There are so many updated mobiles on today’s time, in which there are such settings which tell you which application you should not set, if you will do your work according to their setting, then you will understand to a great extent.


And the most important thing that you have kept in your heart in your treatment is that if you have set any application in your mobile and now it is of no use to you and you have kept it in your mobile unnecessarily, then you can use it.


Because an application that is not of your use and you have kept it in your mobile, then there is no answer if you chat in your phone, then it gets loaded on the mobile, due to which you cannot do the right work because of the old useless application.


So that’s why you have to keep anything in your mobile that is useless, you have to keep only two things in your mobile that you did one thing that your mobile should not be loaded and your mobile should not hang and you


And from here when you have set the application in your phone, then you have to read all the features inside it properly, you have to take them on their description so that you do not face any problem in running it.


Because such applications have come in today’s time, there is a description with life option and it has been told in their setting that how you have to run them and you get a lot of help in doing your work after reading them and your work in a good way.


Hope you have understood all the things and now if you work according to them, then you will also do the work in a good way.


And if you did not understand anything or you want to tell something or want to ask something, then you can tell us by commenting below here or by contacting us.


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