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WhatsApp Status New Hidden Feature | New App | gullji.com

Many people when they see the status of anyone in their mobile and when they see that the person who has put the status, the way he has put the status is a new way.


Then it also gives them that we should also put status in this way and find it on the net, work is done in this way.


By the way, if I tell, the work is very easy, you can very easily put your status in a good way.


But right now there are people who still do not have any idea about the settings of WhatsApp.


That is, those people are so simple that they have to explain a lot even to set the status.


There is no need to explain anything to anyone to apply the status, because the way I will tell you today, the things I will tell will be of great use to you and you will benefit a lot from them.


If you do not know how to set the settings while setting the status, you do not understand what you have to do.


So now that I have started telling you the way, the things that I have started telling you carefully, I am sure that you will understand the matter in a good way.


If you do not find any such chatting in mobile like you do your work which you want to do, then you can set up the application in your mobile, whose link you will get here below.


Then what you have to do when you download it in your phone, then set the application in your scorpio phone, first of all you have to open it


What you have to do is to open the application, create an account on fresh, creating an account is very easy, when you create it, you will know


Then what you have to do is to go to its setting and if this application asks for permission from you, then you have to allow it, you have to give permission to it.


After doing this much work, now you have to go to its setting, after going to the setting, you will get the option of status there and you will get many more options, Which has very strong feature on status


Then what you have to do, you must have written the description below those options, you have to read them well and understand it so that it is easy for you to work in those options.


The good thing in this is that all the features you will get to see all the options, the description is given below them.


If you do not understand the option, then you have to read the description below, then you will start to understand all the options there.


You will get the option of status in the settings and all the options that were present in it will be very easy for you to understand and work on.


Ever since I did this work, I started understanding all the status options in this application present in my mobile. So it was very easy for me to work


Remember, you find many other applications like this, which do exactly the same thing, but if you face any issue in them, then you do not understand.


But if you download this application from here and set it in your phone and do the same thing that I told you


Then if you have any issue then you have to tell me where you are facing the issue so that I can know where you are not able to understand which option.


By the way, I have already told you that if you do not understand any option, then you will understand immediately how to read the description under the umbrella.


But what are some settings, even after all the knowledge you have acquired, they do not understand.


Let me tell you one more thing, if any of your friends whom you know and he is also working, then you can do your problems by asking him.


And one thing that you understand, if you are facing problem in running the application, then you can also see it on the net that how to fix this issue.


One more thing about this that I have seen many people watch many videos on the net and learn from there


And when they do not understand anything, they comment below the same video and ask what is the solution of our issue.


Like they get the advantage that many people are present there to answer whatever their comments are.


You must have seen that when a comment is made under any audio, then many people there by commenting and replying you answer your question.


And all those people who tell you and explain, those people keep the knowledge of everything with them, because of which they teach many people to many people.


If you start any work of your own and do it by understanding it well, then you can also get the same benefits, but people can also benefit from you.


Meaning if you are doing some work and your friend is also doing the same thing but he does not understand anything, then you can explain to him.


That’s why more I want that whatever work you do, do it by understanding it well so that you can easily do that work yourself and others also benefit from you and you can also explain to others.


Wherever you will download the application in your phone and chat it in your phone, then you have to understand all the features and options present in it because


When you do any work, you do not see any issue in it and people should also praise your work for the work you do.


There is any work that you want to do in your own way, before doing it, understand your mobile so that your mobile and support you in work.


All those applications which are present in your mobile and are of no use to you, then you should remove us too.


So that there is no load on your mobile and your mobile works well and if your work is done very well then you have started doing it.


If you take great care of your mobile then your mobile will help you in everything you do because only you mobile can help you in your work regarding your work.


Amita, would you have understood everything, now when we download the application from here and set it on our phone, then if you want to ask anything, then you can ask by commenting here.

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