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Audio Call Recorder | New Application for WhatsApp Users |

When many people talk on the call, after that when they come to know that we had to record our call but our call cannot be recorded by us, then they message or comment.


I have seen by messaging many that we have talked on the call but now we want that we can hear that call again, then tell us any setting for that


Because such a setting often exists even today, those who do not understand, then they ask us.


And some people search on the net and they get very good applications for this work and they do their work very easily with the help of the application.


Some such applications sleep which do not work properly on mobile because your mobile does not support them properly inside them.


When you start the work then you see hey, the work you are doing can be done on your mobile or not.


It is very important to understand and know this thing because whenever you do any work, you try to do that work in a good way and you should not face any issue in it.


If you talk about applications for this work, then you will understand very good applications for this from Play Store and also from Google.


But which of them is good and whose setting can work on your mobile or not, it becomes difficult to understand who supports your mobile and message.


Some people also comment this and also message here I have downloaded the application in my phone but tell us how it works


It is very important to answer this because when such a thing comes here, when such an issue comes, we do not even understand the point of many people.


Because when you chat in your phone for any application for this work and when any issue comes in it, then the biggest issue that happens to me is that


If many people did not know about the application that you have set in your phone for your work, then they would not be able to explain it to you properly.


Like if I tell you, I get a lot of comments, you only get the message that brother tell us about this application, then I also have a problem there.


I do not understand how should I explain to them that the way we tell them is the way a lot of people who chat in their mobile, then we can only explain to them


And all those people who set such applications in their phones, which we do not know and then they ask us, then we find it difficult to explain them.


That’s why I will tell you that whenever you do any work, keep one or two things in your pocket in which it is your benefit.


The first thing is that from where you download the application in your phone, if you do not understand anything, then go there and leave a comment or message so that you will know what to do now.


And if you ask someone else for your work tell you how to do your work if you have problem in that work So you have to ask your issue also to the one who told you earlier.


And if you have any issue with my words from this place or not, if I tell you something, you do not understand, then you have to ask me.


When you work by understanding these things and do not change any setting yourself, if you do not do any work of your own free will, then your work will be good and you will not face any issue.


You have not understood these things in which you have benefit, but there are some other things which if you understand then your work will be done very well for you.


I have called you many times, whenever you start any work, understand your mobile, understand the setting of your mobile, whether this setting will work in your mobile


Because some people who start the work do not see whether this work will be done on their mobile or not, but they start working.


You should not do anything like this at all because if you work in this way, then your work may get louder, it will not happen at all.


If we talked about the application, where I will give you the application, the link of which you will find below here.


What you have to do when you set up this application in your mobile, then you have to understand this too.


When you understand this application and start any work on your mobile, then you are also doing another work in which you will benefit and you will find it easier to work.


You have to understand your mobile whether your mobile can work on this setting because if your mobile will support this work then your work will be good.


If your mobile will not support your work then you have to ask us, tell us where you mean


By the way, it is our effort to tell you such an application in which you do not have any issue anywhere and also support it on your mobile.


We bring good things for you, we bring good applications, but many people’s mobiles are not the same, due to which the application does not work on some mobiles.


That is why I am saying that if you face any issue somewhere, then you have to message us and tell us that the work you have done is not happening.


And keep one thing in your cell, if you download the application in your phone, if you have any other such application lying in your mobile and it is of no use to you.


So you eliminate that unnecessary file from your mobile so that there is no load on your mobile and your mobile memory is not wasted.


Hope you have understood everything, now it will be easy for you to work, but if you do not understand anything, then you can comment below here.


Call Recorder App

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