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So how are you, hope you are all well, happy, having fun and having a good day


So today we will talk about how we can show Beautiful to someone in a good way in our video call.


In today’s time, this setting goes a bit too much that if we talk to someone, then our video should be good in front of him.


This type of setting is such that there are some mobiles in which it is present, that is, you do not need to set any application in your phone for this work.


In today’s time, many people search the net to find this work that we can find such a setting that we can do our own work.


I will tell you that if you search on the net, give some time to your mobile too.


That is, you can see in your mobile whether any such setting is present in your mobile or not.


And if you think that any such setting is not strong in your mobile, then I tell you one thing here which is very important for you to go.


If you do not find any such setting in your mobile, then what you have to do is to search the model of your mobile on the net, then you will know what are the specifications in your mobile.


By the way, it is not a matter to tell that many people know how to check the model of their mobile, how to know which version of your mobile is


But still there are some people here who do not know about this, so I tell them so that it will be easy for them.


To check the model of your mobile, what you have to do is absolutely simple, you have to go to the settings of your mobile, now you have to go out, then you will know in front that which is the version of your mobile, which is the model.


After knowing this, what you have to do is to search on the net whatever model of your mobile is and then see if there is any such option in your mobile that can work for you.


As far as I know, you can do this work very easily in the mobile which has strong social turbo option.


Because there is such an option present in it so that you can do this work very easily because it has a setting that makes it very easy for you, helps you in your work.


What is the function of setting let me tell you that so that it will be easy for you to understand


Like if you have the option of social turbo in your mobile then you must know that there is an option in it like you can make your video good in your video call.


This option is mostly given in the mobile in which the front flash light is present in the front camera.


Meaning when you talk to someone on a call, what you have to do is to turn on the strong front flash light in your mobile, which will make your video very good.


This is the setting that you can say, after which if you put it then your video call will be good.


You have to understand this setting and understand what is the way to apply it, after which you do not need to ask anything to anyone, this setting will make your work easier.


And if you do not have the option in your mobile and you do not get any such option in your mobile, there is no such feature in your mobile.


So it means you need application so that you can do this work very easily but in that too many people ask a lot.


Meaning many people’s messages and comments come that we want to make our video good but we do not understand which setting to set in our phone for this work.


If you ask this work to someone, if he knows, then he will tell you very easily how you are and what to do.


In today’s time, there are many people who know a lot about this, but they also have a problem at one place, due to which they do not know how to explain to you.


Because there are some applications from which we can also work, but it happens quite often that it does not work on the applications which are working earlier.


For example, where I give you an application, the current application is running, it is working, I can not guarantee you whether it will work later or not.


If you do not get any work or the work that is being told to you is happening now, then later that also does not happen, then you have to understand one thing.


It is for you to understand that there will be 24 settings present in your mobile, this application which will be set on its own, if you find any other application like that in which you feel that such setting is strong then you have to understand it.


Meaning, as you know that the setting you set in your mobile, what was the name of the application, in the same way, you have to match the new setting that you will set off with the old previous application.


Because this is the only way you can do your work from the front, apart from this there is no other way that you can understand your work


It is very easy to do other things, but often you do not understand the work that you have to do to make the video call good, it cannot be done for you.


There are many videos on these topics, a lot of people have worked on it, they have explained it, but even today many people do not understand about it.


If we talk about the application, then here I will give you an application that will make your work very easy.


The best thing is that here I will give you the application, it is very easy to understand it, run it, work on it.


You have to create an account on it and work in the same way as you do in the application on your mobile.


Hope you have understood everything, now it will be easier for you to work


If you do not understand anything, then you have to ask me in shame by commenting below.


So that I know where you are facing the issue and I can help you in that.

Beauty Call App


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App link

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