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Wherever I welcome you and make you rich, you will be all right and happy. Here the thing that I have started telling you today is not very important for you to go.


You all must be running WhatsApp and WhatsApp is the most widely used application in today’s time. And the best part is that it is absolutely a secure application.


The best thing is that if you talk to someone on this, then you do not have any problem. And it is hidden even more that even if you talk to someone on this on an audio call, you do not have any problem. And finally, the best thing about it is that even if you talk to someone on this video call, you will not have any problem.


Because we can say that this is a great application and all the people who are running it at today’s time are happy with it.


But the issue often comes that when you send your picture to someone and he does not give your picture, someone else sees your picture.


Many more messages come about this issue, very cautious comments come that brother tell us this way that we will send our picture to the country, only he can see it, no one else should see our photo.


The setting that is told to set this work is such a chatting, so that if you send a picture to someone, it will remain only till that and I am asking for your photo too.


You can also say that with this the privacy of your photo, the security which is there, it will be better.


That is, you will not have any tension in the matter, there will be no problem that no one else can see the picture to whom I have sent.


To set the setting of some people’s mobile there are features like such settings or such options, with the help of which I can work.


But some mobiles are so old that there is no such setting inside which this work can be done.


Where I tell you some things which are very important to know and understand. Because if you understand them then it will be easier for you to work further.


First of all let me tell you if this setting is present in your mobile and you do not know where it is present, then how do you know?


You have to go to the settings of your mobile, go to the settings and search for social turbo in which you will get to see a lot of grandfather settings. If where you get to see such a setting, which can also work for you, then you do not need to set any other application.


If there is no such setting in your mobile, then you will need the application again and it is also asked a lot about this that tell us any good application so that we can also work.


See, you get a good thing only when you see what you know in a good way because if you do not have any knowledge of anything, So you find it a little difficult to work.

Therefore, before doing any work, understand for some other time so that it becomes easy for you to do that work and you understand what you have to do.


According to the setting I will tell you here, if you send your photo to someone, Then your photo will be safe for him.


Because it means sir that we have sent our photo to our friend but someone else has seen it, now tell us what to do?


You do not do much, you just have to download the application that I will give you here, set it on your phone And then with the help of that you have to send your photo to any of your friends so that I am asking for your photo.


If you send your picture to someone in a normal way on the message, then your photo is not very safe on it.


You do your sharp mind And after understanding the settings in a good way, when you send a photo to someone with the help of this, then your photo will be safed.


Most of the girls mean that they send their photos to someone at home, then this application is the best application to secure their photos.


I will definitely tell you this thing that you must set such applications in your phone. Because where it comes to your privacy, you need to set similar settings for that.


What you have to do before doing any work, when you understand it, you will understand the settings, its options, its features, then you will also enjoy working.


And it will be so much easier for you to understand the tell value settings and set them in your phone that you will not need to ask anyone.


And if you are already running any such application in your phone and you do not understand, then once you download the application from here and try setting it on your phone.


Hope the application you will get from here will definitely benefit you and your work will be done very easily which you want to do.


The best thing is that with the help of this application, you will send a photo to someone, it will remain only till whom you send the photo.


Apart from him, even if someone else sees your photos, he will not know whether you have sent the photo or not, he will not be able to see


The best thing is that this application will not cause any issue to your mobile and neither will you be very good on the mobile battery nor the application takes much space.


Your Mobile Will Be Safe & Your mobile battery will also safe And the memory of your mobile will also be safe.


This application is very good for you and it is also a very good application for your mobile.


I like the best thing about it that in today’s time a lot of people are running it and a lot of people trust it.


Hope you will like it when you think and you will like its settings and its options and all its features. But you will definitely get the work that you want to do and you will not face any issue in it. And if you don’t understand something or want to ask something So by commenting in the comment box given below, you tell in the last We will try to solve whatever your issue is.

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