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First of all I welcome you wherever you are and I do all will be well and be happy.


Quite a lot an issue comes, today we will talk about mobile phone. Mean, if the mobile of a lot of people is lost somewhere, then they have trouble again later.


Here is the moon thing with you, I will share that moonlight is very important for you and I hope you will definitely benefit from it.


Like first let me tell you where the moon I will tell you later, which is it?

What I will tell you will include this thing, it will be important for you to know and understand that your mobile can be saved from being lost.

And the second setting will include that if you put your mobile on charging and someone unloads your mobile from charging. So you will know immediately who is harassing your mobile charging.

And the most important thing about a woman is that even if you have kept your mobile at one place and someone else picks it up and takes it somewhere else, you will know.

And finally what I will tell you will be that if your mobile is on charging and the battery is full, then your mobile itself will tell you that the battery is full.


That is, what can you do that the things that will tell you here today, it is very important for you to go. The most important thing in all this is that if your mobile roams somewhere, then how can we tell it?


You have to set up an application in your mobile phone for some work like how you will get the work done very easily.


Here those people will also be present, who will have such settings in their mobile, so that they can save their mobile.


And there will be many people present here, whose mobile does not have any such chatting, which they should set on their mobile phone so that they are asking in their mobile.


Here if I talk to you about the application, then it is important for you to understand it. Because any such work which is done without understanding then that work is not done and you have trouble.


The best thing for all those people who have this setting in their mobile is that they do not need any application. But still, if you want to understand, then understand the things I tell you below, it will be of great benefit to you.


But if you want to save your mobile from getting lost somewhere. And you also want to know who removed your mobile from charging And with this, how will your mobile tell you if your mobile battery is full. And the best thing is, even if your mobile will be taken from one place to another, how will your mobile tell you?


You will get all these settings in a single application, you just have to set that application in your mobile phone. The best thing is that this one application will do four things for you and your mobile will keep asking.


If your mobile is in pocket and you take it out of your mobile pocket, then the application will tell you. In the same way, And your mobile is in your bag and it falls somewhere then only you will tell me the application form


This will benefit you that your mobile will never be loss. In today’s time, many people are doing all the work by keeping their mobile safe after setting this application in their mobile phone.


I will tell you the right thing, it is better that you understand this application now and set it in your phone so that you do not have any kind of issue.


Understanding this and setting it in my phone, working on it and applying these four settings on my mobile is very easy.


Now whatever work you want to do, all the features present in the settings of this application will do it with a lot of features.


As always, I will definitely tell you this thing that before doing any work, you must understand it once so that when you do any work, you do not have any kind of issue in it.


If you download this application from play store or from google, then you have to see that it should be the same application which is being given to you.


If you want to install this application from where you want to download and set it in your phone, So where you will get its link by coming down.


I consider it necessary to tell you one more thing here that if you set someone’s any application in your phone and it does not work for you, you do not understand.


And then wherever you come and comment that we do not understand or message, then it will be a little difficult to explain because you may not have set the right application.


It is good for you that wherever you will get the link below, you can set it on your phone from there because this application is very good and today more people are running it.


And the biggest advantage of this is that the mobile phone of history will remain with me. And all those things that are very important for you to know, The application will keep giving you all the updates.


I have run it myself and worked on it and its result is very good I like this thing because if you set it on your mobile phone then your mobile becomes very secure. that’s a good thing for you


In today’s time, we can save our mobile with this same application because if we will not do our work with their help. then later we will have to worry


Because often people get upset only when there is an issue with them like if their mobile is lost then they get upset later.


That’s why I will tell you that when you chat it in your mobile, then you are also beginning to understand it And when you chat on your mobile by the settings present in it, then you also have to see your mobile whether it supports this application.


Before doing any work, you have to see both the application and the mobile that both are good for each other.


Because if your mobile will not support on the application then it will be difficult for you to work if the application will not support on your mobile.


So you have to understand all these things. I hope you understand everything.

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