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First of all, where I welcome you, you have come here and I try my best to find the same thing where you are looking for what you are looking for. When I will try to tell you all those things which many people do not understand, many people message, comment and ask, still they do not get their answer.


First of all, I will tell you where there are some things because it is necessary for you to tell them because they are asked more. Like some people say that tell us that if we have to do this work then without the application can we do it And at the same time some people also say that of course tell us an application and tell such an application which we can understand and also work on our mobile and we get the work that we want to do.


First of all let me tell you that people who do not need application for this work how they do their work without application First of all, any work is possible without an application, if there is such a setting in your mobile phone that we can do it for you, then you do not need any application. For example, if there is such a setting in your mobile that keeps all the messages coming in your mobile close to you, then that setting is very useful for you because it is present in your mobile.


But at the same time there are some mobile phones in which no such setting is present because the version they have is not the updated version and the mobiles are some old which do not have so many features inside, so you need the application again. Here it is also very important for you to understand this thing.


What you have to do is to go to the settings of your mobile phone, first you have to see it out now, when you will see about the present in your mobile And then you will search on the net that which model is your mobile, which version is your mobile, after which you will guess from the net itself by looking at its specification. Then you will get an idea whether the specification of your mobile is so strong that the setting inside is strong.


The first way is to go to the settings of the mobile, then go to the mobile now out, then go to the award of the mobile and see the version of the mobile, then write it on Google, then see its specification, which will give you an idea. Whether there is some such hurting present in your mobile or not


And the second way is simple that if you cannot do such long wide work, you do not have a net, you cannot go to Google, then by going to the settings of your mobile, you can either see the chatting time with social turbo or the mobile where the messages are.  Perhaps you will get to see such an option there that will work for you.


It has become a matter that if the setting is present in your mobile, then how do you see it, now let’s talk if there is no such setting in your mobile then what should you do? What you have to do, you need the application again, at the time of the application, too many comments come, messages come that brother tell us an application which is good because it is so difficult to find anything on the net, I do not understand anything.


Like there are so many things on the net and you are looking for a good thing in them it becomes really a very difficult task often when people find an application in some way Then what do they do, either they go to play store or go to google, then they search for whatever they want, then they do not understand which is the best and right thing.


It is my endeavor that when you come where you come, you should get that thing, that thing should be given to you where it works for you, so that your work gets done and the most important thing is that a lot of people have a problem.  There are many such users of mobile phones, they say that the application is not running on our mobile, our mobile does not support the application or any such issue comes with the application.


It is my endeavor that all such issues are there where you do not get to see, you should be given the same thing where your work is done and that application should also work on your mobile and the biggest thing is your mobile’s battery.  Because you know that there are some applications that are not suitable for your mobile and they spoil your mobile, spoil your mobile’s battery timing and do not take anywhere else.


And this big thing is also asked a lot that we had an application running today and it continued for a few days, but then that application stopped working, now what should we do, there are many such questions. The simple answer to this is that the applications are the foundation, then changes take place in them, then you have to see for yourself what to update inside it, then you have to do it yourself, after which these issues will end.


Here I will give you an application in which there is no such issue with anyone, the best thing about this application is that it is very easy to understand and run it and set it in mobile. And with this you mobile does not have any issue, there is no issue on your mobile’s battery timing, nor does this application take up so much space of your mobile.


Hopefully when you run this application, you will like it very much and you will reach it again in the same way as I told you here. There are some people here who do not understand even a very simple application, they do not understand, some I will tell them that you should understand a little application first and then do some work so that you do not have any problem in your work.  I am sure you have understood every single point and you can now make the most out of it and do whatever you want to do. Still, if you did not understand something and you want to ask something or want to tell something, then you can ask by commenting in the comment box given below.

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