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Today, where I will tell you every thing that many people ask because it is important to tell you these things. As some people say that we can do a lot of our work without any application and some people cannot do any work without application in their mobile phone. Today I will tell you both the things here exactly in detail that what is the difference between these two.


First, let me tell those people, it is said a lot that if we have to do any work in our mobile, then we do not set any application in our mobile, we can do many things without application, then how is it possible. I have said this many times, I will tell you again that many people who have good mobiles, whose version of mobile is the latest, then they do many things in their mobile itself.


Like if you have a good mobile right now, what do you do if you want to do any work inside that mobile without any application, then you go to the settings of your mobile. Then what do you do, go to the settings of the mobile and see the settings that you need Then with the help of that you do your work which you want to do in your mobile phone.


You have understood this thing, in this way without application you can do all the things you want to do in your mobile. Because you know that in today’s time many settings are visible to everyone in a mobile. In the same way, if you have a good mobile in your mobile, then there are more features in it than the options inside it, there are such things inside it which are very good.


And those who have an old mobile, whose mobile does not have such a good setting and the options that they need are not available and the features inside it are also very much work. So in such a situation, what do you have to do in such a situation, when some work has to be done, you have to set up a good application in your mobile. For example, if you have received a message and you want to feel it in your mobile, but you do not have any such setting in the mobile which can do this work. Then what do you do, set up an application in your mobile which then does whatever work you do and makes your message safe.


It is necessary to tell these things to you here today because it is asked a lot. If you want to feel your message and there is such a setting in your mobile that can do this work for you, there is such an option, there is such a feature in your mobile. So of course you can do this work very easily without the help of setting in your mobile without application.


And if you want you to be told about the application because there are some mobiles in which such feature is not present then they either have to go to google or go to play store But they do not understand from where we can get a good application because there are so many applications that it becomes a bit difficult to understand them.


If you take this opinion with you, you also do not understand these two things, then hopefully you must have understood which people do not need the application and who need it. Now we will not discuss this that who can work without application, now we will talk about those who need them that they should be told a good application.


Where I will not talk long shortcuts and will tell you quickly if you want any good application which is also good for your mobile. Means don’t make any issue in your mobile, vote on your mobile and keep your mobile battery timing best and your mobile should not get hot. You need all the things for you so that you get the switch which is right for your mobile and for you.


First of all, people who go to play store and go to google, still they are not able to do the work they want to do, where I will give such an application at the very bottom. Then his work will be done very easily, due to which he has come where he is today. Know what I mean to say, if you want a good application where you have come and you do not understand, then you will definitely benefit from the application which will be given to you here and it is a great application.


In today’s time it has become a bit difficult to guess whether this application is good or not, because the competition is very high in today’s time, so for your ease, whatever will be given to you here will be given well. From here, if you download the application then set it on your phone, then there will be such an application for your mobile which will also support on your mobile.


And somewhere it will not hang your mobile and there will be no such issue in which you have trouble, it will work exactly as you want. This issue is also very common that it is asked why this application is not running now, earlier it used to run, now what has happened to it, then it is going to be asked a lot more than this thing, many comments come, many messages come.


All these comments of all these things, I will give you the shortcut answer to all these messages that where you will be given the application, which will be given from where you want, you will not see any such issues in the thing that will be told. The best thing is that it is very important to understand how many people are already working on what you are told. Where I tell you exactly right, right now I am giving the application which you do not want here, which will be available by studying there, in today’s time a lot of people are running it on their phone. The best and most beautiful thing is that it is very easy to chat and work on it in your mobile and it does not do any such issue anywhere which you do not understand. Otherwise, if you still have some issue somewhere, you do not understand anything or if you have any difficulty in the application, then here you will get the only place with the comment below, you can tell by commenting below.

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